20 March 2017

Texas Attorney General raises 'concerns' about Muslim prayers in school

Every day at lunch, a handful of teenagers in Frisco, Texas, would pop into room C112, face a whiteboard and kneel for one of their five daily prayers.

It was just a spare classroom, used for everything from teachers’ grading to Buddhist meditation, school officials say. But Muslims at Liberty High seemed to like it.

“Takes like five minutes, instead of having to leave school, get in a car and go to my parents,” pupil Sarah Qureshi told the school news site early this month.

“This is the seventh year we’ve been doing this, and we’ve never had one issue,” school principal Scott Warstler said.

Last week however, top state officials learned about the room — and suddenly Liberty High had a big issue indeed.

The Texas attorney general’s office — famous for once suing a school principal to keep a Bible quote on a door — sent the Frisco school district superintendent a letter last week raising “concerns.” [The Independent] Read more