24 March 2017

Mohammed Amin: Preventing terrorism is your responsibility

.... Telling your child “don’t become a terrorist” is about as effective as telling them “don’t think of a pink elephant.” What matters are the specific things you teach them as they are growing up.

You can choose to feed your child the narrative that: everywhere non-Muslims are doing terrible things to Muslims; the British Government aims to keep Muslims down; Islam teaches us that Muslims should not associate with non-Muslims; Muslims have a religious duty to establish a caliphate governed exclusively by shariah law.

You can teach them that Jews have always hated Muslims, and that all the problems in Palestine are due to guilty evil Jews oppressing and attacking innocent good Muslims. If you do, don’t be surprised if your child is seduced by an online recruiter for ISIS.

Conversely you can teach your children that: throughout history good and bad things have been done by both Muslims and non-Muslims; in Palestine, there are rights and wrongs on both sides with the balance varying at different points in time; in Britain, Muslims have identical rights to non-Muslims and every opportunity to thrive; all mankind is the creation of God; we are obliged to care for all of our neighbours irrespective of religion. By doing so, you can immunise your child against the siren call of ISIS. [ConservativeHome] Read more