22 March 2017

Liberals need to learn Islamophobia is a loaded term

Would Liberal MP Iqra Khalid condescend to explain in detail what exactly is it she would like us to condemn?

Much of the controversy and anxiety surrounding her motion, M-103, which purports to condemn “Islamophobia” and all forms of systemic racism and discrimination stems from confusion over the term.

Khalid has shown a degree of arrogance in refusing to fully explain this term. This refusal is unquestionably at the root of the consternation generated over M-103.

At the earlier debates on the motion, Khalid obstinately rebuffed any questions that sought some clarification on Islamophobia. She blithely stated that 70,000 people had signed a petition in support of the motion and the definition is quite obvious. [Toronto Sun] Read more