08 March 2015

Austria defends new law on foreign funding of mosques

Austria’s foreign minister has rejected criticism of the country’s new law on Islam aimed at cutting off foreign influence and funding, arguing that the legislation should become a model for the rest of Europe.

In an interview with the Guardian, Sebastian Kurz, whose role in the Austrian government also includes the portfolio for social integration, took particular aim at the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, suggesting Erdogan’s opposition to the law was motivated by fear of losing political influence on Austrian Muslims.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 51] Finally, someone with the courage to do what is necessary to shield national interest from potential foreign interference.

[2ND 43] Saudi Arabia has spent $87 billion since 2000 funding the building of mosques and madrasses throughout the world. Almost all the foreign jihadi orcs in ISIS in Iraq and Syria are grauates of those madrasses.

It would be better to take the fight against the jihadi barbarism to source - Saudi.

[3RD 43] This is the right thing to do. most of the mosques in Europe are sponsored (built and financially supported) by foreign countries, therefore choosing the imams. Sometime men that held extremist views on many subject, some not even talking the langage of the country where they preach.

France is taking similar steps.

And before I get lynched for holding such views, my Arab, Asian, Muslim, non Muslim friends think the same..... British, French, German, Italian first, then Muslim.

[4TH 43] Excellent. Clarifying loyalty for Muslims is a must.

[5TH 37] We should have done so here, many years ago. Do you think the Saudis would be fine and dandy if we pumped billions into building churches there and stocking them with firebrand priests exhorting the overthrow of islam?

[6TH 27] Approaching the core of the problem begins at home, in Austria and hopefully, this idea will spread across the EU.

Why would any country want to import imams who would speak against the country they reside in and who cannot speak the language. The mosques have become the mouthpiece of radical islam. [The Guardian] Read more