08 March 2015

Let’s stop reviling Islam with ‘Islamism’, and call the cult what it really is

.... what we do know is the identity of the principal contemporary ultra-conservative doctrine of Mohammed. It is Wahhabism that seeks to conquer and subdue. It is Salafism that outlaws Western education; denies freedom of expression; enforces conversion on pain of death; blows up ancient tombs; burns down temples and churches; beheads apostates; flogs infidels; stones raped women and hangs gay men and boys.

.... Let us therefore drop the vernacular ‘Islamism’ and engender instead a knowledge of ‘Wahhabism’ or, better still, ‘Saudi Salafism’, so that by the time we come to mourn the passing of King Salman of the House of Saud, we might think twice before we lower our national flags as “a mark of respect” for an absolute monarch whose country is the cradle of brutal theological corruption, and whose political brand propagates a creed of intolerant indoctrination, violence and hate. [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more