06 March 2015

Queen Rania: Let's Drop The First 'I' In ISIS. There's Nothing Islamic About Them

Queen Rania of Jordan said Thursday evening that there is nothing Islamic about the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.

She was speaking with Huffington Post Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington as a part of The WorldPost Future of Work Conference. “I would love to drop the first ‘I’ in ISIS because there’s nothing Islamic about them," Queen Rania said, prompting applause from the audience.

"They have nothing to do with faith and everything to do with fanaticism,” she said. “I think as an international community, we would do well to not focus on the religious character of that group because when we do, we give them undeserved legitimacy.”

[TOP RATED COMMENT] It doesn't matter what she or we think ISIS is or isn't. It matters what they think they are. ISIS thinks they speak for the Prophet. What's troubling about the Arab world saying "they aren't Islamic", is that they then proceed to absolve themselves of any responsibility of dealing with ISIS. Only the Muslim world can stop ISIS. It's called self-policing. [The Huffington Post] Read more