19 March 2015

UK: Some Faiths are More Equal than Others

.... Then, in 2014, the Home Secretary Theresa May reiterated that the government would not fund or collaborate with extremist groups:

"We have made important changes to the 'Prevent' programme we inherited from the last government. ... There are now strict rules and checks to make sure we do not fund and do not work with people and organisations that do not share British values. And our policy doesn't just focus on violent extremism, it deals with non-violent extremism too."

The activities and partners of the Department for Communities and Local Government openly contradict ministers' claims that the government does not work with extremist groups. British media, politicians, think-tanks and community groups spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the problem of radicalization.

Few tangible solutions have been thought up. Instead of threatening interfaith groups about errant rabbis, one easy step, as has been pointed out many times before, would be to stop funding groups that represent the very extremists the British government claims to oppose. [Gatestone Institute] Read more