22 March 2015

'We don't believe Muslims are creating ISIS': Principal of Melbourne Islamic school tells his students terror group is a conspiracy created by Israel and Western countries

A principal has claimed radicalisation is not a problem at his Islamic school because he tells pupils that the Islamic State death cult is manufactured by Western countries.

Al-Taqwa College Principal Omar Hallak reportedly shows his almost 2,000 students ‘evidence’ that Islamic State terrorists are ‘not linked to Islam’.

‘We don’t believe Muslims are creating IS,’ Mr Hallak told The Age. He believes that the murder and brutality carried out by Islamic State terrorists is actually a plot by Western countries to control oil in the Middle East.

The school, which is based in Melbourne’s outer-west, Victoria, is focussed on educating Australian Muslims that ‘follow Australian Law’, he said.

‘In the mosque, we talk to them many times. We show them evidence it's not linked to Islam,’ Mr Hallak explained. The principle’s belief that IS is simply a plot caused by Israel and America stems from his theory that the terrorists use ‘shiny new equipment’. [Daily Mail] Read more