17 March 2015

This Is What Going to School with Jihadi John Taught Me About Radicalisation

.... Before "Jihadi John" was revealed as Emwazi, an alumni of the school, I'd jokingly said to a friend, "I bet he went to QK". If any school could produce a "Jihadi John", it'd be ours, and we all knew it. My reaction to reading Emwazi had indeed gone to Quintin Kynaston was a specific type of shock – not of disbelief, but that an intuition had been right.

.... I remember student calling a teacher a "Jew", and the teacher replying that it was the student who was the "Jew".

Staff often found themselves with students they had zero authority over. I've read articles where it is "revealed" that Emwazi used "Jew" as a slur and went on anti-Semitic rants. This would be no revelation to anyone who went to the school. "Jew" was a standard cuss. There was normally no conviction to this – it was teenage rebellion no different really to the "edgy" comments made in any other school. At Quintin Kynaston, however, these comments often went unchecked. [VICE] Read more