23 March 2015

Islam, The Murder Of Fakhunda, And What Helena Malikyar Cannot Say

Al Jazeera is the propaganda organ of nasty little Qatar, and a stout Defender of the Faith, with all sorts of distractions and deflections as the arrows in its quiver. Its English-language version cleverly tones down, in both form and content, what it offers full-blast in the Arabic-language version -- which American soldiers may remember helped to whip up Iraqis against them.

But this article on the grisly murder, by a maddened Muslim mob, of an Afghan women, in the middle of Kabul, while the police stood all around and watched too, is worth reading, because it acccurately describes the mob as consisting not of rude rustics but of seemingly advanced urban Afghanis, who as soon as the charge of Qur'an-desecration was made, immediately went into action. [The Iconoclast] Read more