20 April 2016

Advice for schools on helping fasting Muslim pupils through Ramadan

This year will be the first time Ramadan has fallen during the summer exam period for several decades, and the Association of School and College Leaders has issued guidance for schools on how best to accommodate pupils who are fasting, and could therefore be affected by tiredness or dehydration between June 6 and July 5.

The document, released by the union today, has been put together in consultation with a large number of representatives of the Muslim community in Britain, including Imams, academics and religious education leaders, along with exams officers and other prominent educationalists.

Although the exam timetable for this year has already been slightly amended to move some large-entry exams to morning sessions to move others to before half term – a matter of some controversy which sparked a widespread debate when reported by Schools Week in January – many schools will still be responsible for the well-being large numbers of pupils who are not permitted to eat during the day. [Schools Week] Read more