14 April 2016

What a Bristol Muslim actually thinks about Channel 4's What British Muslims Really Think

The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society's project manager Rizwan Ahmed has shared his views on the Channel 4 show What British Muslims Really Think, and revealed how there are a few more pressing matters at hand...

As a British Muslim What Do I Think….

I don't normally like to get political but seeing this furor around this whole "What British Muslims Really Think" programme and survey which I realised (after some very deep thought and pondering and philosophical thinking for all of two seconds…) was about as representative of what I think as a British Asian Muslim as Nigel Farage is to Race Equality.

After thinking about it for a few more moments I realised that at the moment as a nation we sort of have a few other more pressing social matters to worry about...

Some of these are - in no particular order and also not exhaustive list:

1) A housing crisis with severe shortages of affordable homes up and down the country.

2) Problems with a struggling NHS and striking Doctors.

3) The elderly who were once the backbone of our country and spent decades supporting the UK through their hard sweat, blood and tears now being abused and neglected in some so called "care homes". [Western Daily Press] Read more