12 April 2016

Yes, we Muslims must be braver and do more to integrate says Labour MP after former equalities chief's call provokes furious backlash

Urgent calls for Britain to adopt a more ‘muscular’ approach to integrating Muslims into society triggered a furious row last night.

Former equalities watchdog Trevor Phillips urged Muslims to change their values and behaviour, saying the UK risks ‘sacrificing a generation of young British people’ if hardline Islamic values are not challenged

His call, in yesterday’s Daily Mail, was backed by MPs, although it also provoked a backlash from community groups who accused him of ‘stigmatising and scapegoating Muslims’.

Labour’s Khalid Mahmood, England’s first Muslim MP, said: ‘A lot of people are challenging unacceptable attitudes.

'There are women’s groups doing this. I only wish more men in some communities were able to be as brave.’

But he said successive governments going back to the 1980s had pursued policies which had led to the ‘ghetto-isation’ of Muslim communities.

‘Trevor Phillips is right in terms of saying we must get the community to integrate far more,’ he said. [Daily Mail] Read more