12 April 2016

iERA Responds to ICM Survey: ‘What Do British Muslims Really Think?’

.... It is understandable that a significant number of Muslims would hold normative views enshrined in the Islamic source texts, the holy Qur’an and the Prophetic teachings but this should not be conflated with indicators to radicalisation or terrorism.

Numerous academic studies and analysis by security officials have proven that religion is not the sole driver to violence, rather it is found to be a contributing factor to a host of personal grievances and external realities.

iERA would like to take this opportunity to remind Muslims living in the UK, that as adherents of Islam, we have a duty to carry the compassionate, rational, and peaceful message of Islam to the wider society, and not isolate ourselves from non-Muslims, who have a right for this message to be conveyed to them correctly.

Muslims are a people who desire for humanity what they desire for themselves, and that is attaining the Divine love and mercy of Allah by enjoining in all that is good and forbidding evil in its entirety. [iERA] Read more