20 April 2016

Sadiq Khan’s Record versus the Rhetoric – the FOSIS Case

In today’s rows Sadiq Khan offered us this line:

"I’ve fought extremism all my life."

Oh really?

It’s simply not true. Let’s look at another episode in the record which makes this clear.

By 2012 the Islamist student group FOSIS was widely known and seen as part of the extremist problems at British universities. No wonder:

- In 2012 it was seeking to link up Islamic student society leaders and Haitham al-Haddad for training. Haddad was already one of the most notorious of hate preachers.

- Other extremists at FOSIS events in the four years up to 2012 included Daud Abdullah, Abdur Raheem Green, Ibrahim Hewitt, Uthman Lateef, Zahir Mahmood, Stephen Sizer, Azzam Tamimi, and Riyadh ul-Haq.

- In 2011 FOSIS backed Raed Salah, the horrid antisemitic “blood libel” sheikh. For a character witness it invoked Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas. [Harry’s Place] Read more