12 April 2016

Norway officials reject Muslim school in Oslo

A foundation that applied to establish a Muslim primary school in the Oslo district of Grønland was rejected by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet), Kommunal Rapport reported.

The Muslim organization behind the denied request is now considering an appeal to the Education Ministry

“We have three weeks to decide what to do. We think it is about time that there is a Muslim school in Oslo but the formalities must of course be in place,” Siri Helene Derouiche, the leader of the group behind the application, said.

The Oslo City Council also rejected the school’s application last autumn.

The foundation Den Muslimske Grunnskole wants to establish and operate a private Muslim primary school in Oslo. Its plan calls for some 200 students between first and tenth grades. [The Local] Read more