12 April 2016

Why the ICM poll of British Muslims shows we need to defend our values more than ever

.... The task is urgent because ICM found a direct correlation between Muslims who don’t want to integrate and sympathy for extremism and violence. Trevor Phillips advocates a much more muscular approach to “active integration”.

The Prime Minister is on the right track, insisting that Muslim women learn English so they’re not prisoners of their men. School segregation must end with state schools prohibited from admitting more than 50% of one ethnicity.

To Phillips’s list, I would add closing down Islamic schools which teach contempt for women and non-Muslims. Ban all Sharia courts immediately and insist on British law for everyone.

As for Muslims who think that white girls are fair game or who don’t want to fit in, I can recommend a really good airport.

This is serious. Unless we succeed, the live-and-let-live attitude which makes Britain such a great place could end up being its death warrant. [The Telegraph] Read more