04 August 2016

'Burkini-only day' at French waterpark criticised

A waterpark in France is to be booked out for one day to Muslim women wanting to wear "burkinis" - but the decision has led to criticism by politicians on the right.

A community group in Marseille arranged the day, giving access only to women wearing the all-over swimming garment.

The group was set up to "encourage women to join in with the community".

Some leading political figures said the move was contrary to France's legally enshrined secular values.

"Accepting this so-called fashion means we accept communalism in our country," said Valerie Boyer, a mayor of two Marseille districts from the centre-right group Les Republicains group, led by ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy.

"However, it's also a question of the woman's dignity, a question of our most fundamental principles." [BBC] Read more