08 August 2016

If we can’t ban halal meat, we should at least let people know when they’re buying it

The UK now carries out more halal slaughter than the rest of Europe. Most of us eat halal meat unwittingly on a daily basis, since it is sold in most major outlets, including big brand-name supermarkets, without being labelled as such

The EU’s 2009 Slaughter Regulation requires all animals, including poultry, to be stunned before slaughter. Stunning is defined as any intentionally induced process which causes loss of consciousness and sensibility without pain, including any process resulting in instant death.

The UK has invoked the “religious exemption” from the EU’s “slaughter directive” and in practice now carries out more halal slaughter than the rest of Europe. Traditional halal meat is expected to be killed by hand and must be blessed by the slaughterman. The exception allows for animals to be slaughtered without being stunned first. [920 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 34 votes] I am neither Islamophobic nor belong to any religion. A staunch Atheist. But to me Halal slaughter does not fit in with British values. I would get rid of it full stop, have it all imported. Religion under no circumstances should impact on evolved thinking and 21st century life. Its 2016 and people are still following the teachings of thousand year old con artists.

The whole idea of Religious exemption should be scrapped. If you cant integrate into the area you decide to relocate to then you should not really move there. I am all for multiculturalism, but when it impacts on common sense and integration then it should not even be thought of as an option.

Before anyone starts kicking off, my heritage is not of British descent.

[2ND 31] It is an utter scandal that in the 21st century any of our laws have 'religious exemptions'. Pandering to those who wish to perpetuate ancient and often cruel practices just serves to further divide our society. [The Independent] Read more