02 August 2016

No one has ‘right’ to hurt gay people, says Egypt’s grand mufti

Shawki Allam’s comments come amid a crackdown on the country’s LGBT community, which has forced many to hide their identities.

Egypt’s grand mufti recently said that hurting gays and lesbians is unacceptable despite the fact that homosexuality is not allowed in Islam.

In an interview with Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper late last month, Shawki Allam said that he condemned the Orlando massacre in which 49 people were killed and that no one had “the right to hurt homosexuals or to take the law into their own hands.”

Allam’s comments, which were part of a discussion about moderate Islam, are a historic milestone for Egypt’s religious institution. Along with the grand imam of al-Azhar mosque, the grand mufti of Egypt holds one of the highest positions on religious authority and plays an important role in determining opinions on religious law.

Allam noted that other religious communities in Egypt, such as the Coptic Church, have also condemned homosexuality but say gays and lesbians should be treated fairly. [Toronto Star] Read more