08 August 2016

Petition to allow women basketball players to wear hijab on court reaches 89,000 signatures

Pressure is mounting on basketball authorities to allow Muslim women players to wear a hijab on the court as a petition in support of their cause has reached close to 90,000 signatures.

The Change.org petition, started by Asma Elbadawi, a player and coach from Sudan and now living in West Yorkshire, has gathered just over 89,000 names.

Ms Elbadawi argued that the International Basketball Federation (Fiba) should follow football authority Fifa in removing restrictions on hijabs, turbans and other religious headwear as she claimed was no correlation between the item of clothing and players’ safety.

Fiba will announce its decision this month as to whether it will permanently allow players to wear hijabs and turbans following a two-year provisional period. [The Independent] Read more