09 August 2016

Saudi woman can’t travel with her father without hubby’s nod

Saudi women still need the permission of their husbands to travel even with their fathers.

Senior Scholars Council member Sheikh Abdullah Al-Munai said that husband is the legal guardian of a woman. She is not allowed to go out or travel without her husband’s permission.

“If a husband prevents his wife from travel for no legitimate reason, the case can be taken to court and a judge can intervene,” said Al-Munai.

Eastern Province Passports Department spokesman Col. Muallah Al-Otaibi said once a woman is married she is registered under her husband’s guardianship.

“A woman has to have her husband’s permission for travel even if she is traveling with her father. The legal guardian of a woman is her husband and his permission is needed regardless of who she is traveling with,” said Al-Otaibi. [Saudi Gazette] Read more