08 November 2016

A woman ‘calling for jihad’ was invited on a German talk show - Her appearance provoked an immediate public backlash

But to many viewers of a popular German Sunday evening talk show, the 32-year-old convert wearing a face veil was also a provocation. It was not because she chose to cover much of her face at a time when a ban on full-face veils in public has been proposed. But rather it was her comments that caused an immediate public backlash.

Speaking on the show, Illi made arguments that some non-Muslims would probably disagree with: “In Islam, women have many rights and possibilities. We don't have to balance family and career as much as other women do. We can evolve in our role.”

More controversially, though, Illi appears to think that it is understandable and even praiseworthy that some European youths might think of Syria as the “promised land” and fight there for militant groups, according to social media posts she wrote and that were read out on the talk show. [The Independent] Read more