18 November 2016

Kurz calls for Austria to ban Koran distribution

Austria’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz has called for an immediate ban on Islamic fundamentalists who distribute copies of the Koran, saying that the law needs to be changed to crack down on “Salafist campaigns - an expression of political Islam which we can no longer tolerate”.

.... A recent campaign by the group involved dozens of stalls handing out German copies of a strict traditionalist version of the Koran under a banner with the word ‘Lies!’. Pictures of the campaign went viral because of the word 'Lies', which means 'Read This' in German - but something else in English.

The radical Muslims were however apparently unaware that the word ‘lies’, which comes from the verb ‘lesen’ meaning to read, has an entirely different meaning in English.

It is believed the organisation has already reinvented itself by launching a new club called 'We Love Muhammad', referring to the prophet who is the central figure of Islam. [The Local] Read more