07 November 2016

British Muslim publishes ‘true’ Koran reading

A British Muslim living under a fatwa is risking further security fears by publishing a new translation of the Koran which he claims establishes its true position on contentious issues such as the use of violence and women’s attire.

Paigham Mustafa, a Pakistani-born publisher who lives in Glasgow, was forced to seek police protection after he spread “satanic thoughts” and “sedition” in magazines he produced for the Muslim community.

In the ten years since then he has researched the earliest known texts of the Koran and written The Quran: God’s Message to Mankind to correct “falsehoods” added by religious leaders throughout the intervening centuries.

Mr Mustafa, 58, told The Sunday Times that the original interpretation of the Koran does not justify violence against non-Muslims, domestic violence or polygamy; nor does it require women to cover their faces. “Strictures regarding how women should dress and behave, the demonising of homosexuality, widespread practice of polygamy, the ritual of slaughtering animals for food and a ban on alcohol consumption are not justified according to the strict word of the Koran,” he said. [The Times (£)] Read more