20 November 2016

Clinton’s Failure to Confront Islamic Extremism Contributed to Her Loss

.... The dichotomy is between the Regressive Left who claim every criticism of Islam and practices in certain Muslim communities is bigotry, and the truly xenophobic Far Right. Similarly, in Europe, they have been building off each other.

Since the election, there have been horrible hate crimes and robberies in the US against women in Hijab. This terrifies me.

At the same time, I'm frustrated at some of the Left's response. Already, people are throwing around reactionary statements about how this election proves how racist and xenophobic America is. Racism and xenophobia certainly played a part in Trump’s campaign, perhaps even a large part, but not every person who voted for Trump is a bigot.

Furthermore, Clinton did a poor job at acknowledging the very legitimate fears of many Americans about terrorism - particularly Islamic terrorism. She refused to even say the phrase "radical Islam." [Conatus News] Read more