03 November 2016

UK Institutions Have ‘De Facto Blasphemy Law’ Protecting Islam, Claims Secular Critic

The National Secular Society (NSS) has said Muslims are creating a “special category” to protect Islam from criticism in the UK, and the press and British institutions have “internalised [a] de facto blasphemy law” after a gymnast was banned from competition after “mocking” the religion.

“We need to challenge this cultural taboo against mocking religion – but let’s be clear, I say religion, but really Islam is trying to put itself into a special category – that’s what the problem is,” the communications officer for the NSS, Benjamin Jones, told talkRADIO.

“Other religions broadly in the country, particular Christianity, accept the hard fought wins of the enlightenment, that religion is not in a special category that can not be criticised or mocked,” he added. [Breitbart London] Read more