21 November 2016

Bradford family hit out over flu vaccination

A MUSLIM father has made a formal complaint to the NHS after claiming his daughter and niece were given flu vaccinations containing synthesised pork products without the family’s knowledge.

Mohammadda Shah said the contents of the nasal spray given to his daughter, Raghad, and niece, Aisha, at Peel Park Surgery only came to light when his brother, Shaeen, received a letter from his child’s school offering Muslim parents the opportunity to decline the treatment.

He said that by that point, the two children had already been given the spray by their GP without the same cautionary advice.

“Pork within the Muslim faith cannot be consumed in any form and it strictly prohibited. They only stopped offering the treatment to Muslim families after we brought it to their attention. When I went into the surgery to discuss it, I was just fobbed off.

“The whole experience made us angry, we were very distressed that the children went through this process without our knowledge. [Telegraph & Argus] Read more