31 December 2016

‘I’m keeping families together’ insists man who runs polygamy website

He’s the founder of Britain’s first ever polygamy marriage website and already has well over 100,000 members signed up to it since launching in June.

But Azad Chaiwala is not planning to slow down his mission of making polygamy ‘normal’ anytime soon.

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The 34-year-old, from Sunderland, is currently in the process of setting up a marriage compatibility website – his third after the success SecondWife.com and Polygamy.com.

We spoke to the young entrepreneur and asked him why he thought there was a need for such a polygamy website in the UK where it is illegal.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘We’re quite hypocritical in our society in the sense that we allow mistresses, we visit prostitutes, watch pornography and visit strip clubs.

‘As long as a man is not bringing it home it’s fine. They just have their mistresses and keep them there rather than turning them into wives.

‘So I’m giving them the option to do the honourable thing and have multiple families. To practice it in an open upfront honourable way rather than going to nightclubs and visiting women. [Metro.co.uk] Read more