05 December 2016

Segregation at 'worrying levels' in parts of Britain, Dame Louise Casey warns

.... Afraid of being dubbed racist, afraid of losing support, afraid of challenging minority communities - that is Dame Louise Casey's view of Britain's decision-makers.

Criticising politicians and officials is the easy bit. The significance of this report is that it targets individual communities and faiths.

It contrasts with the language of people living "parallel lives" - a term used in an earlier report and designed to be neutral, placing no more blame on one community than another.

Dame Louise makes clear her outrage at what she calls "regressive practices" targeting women and girls. She accepts she is putting Muslim areas under the spotlight.

The question for Dame Louise - an official not immune to criticism herself - is how would she achieve change? What if an elected politician refused to take her oath? What if some people - of whatever community - simply prefer to live and educate their children separately? [BBC] Read more