10 December 2016

Peppa Pig as a focus for the latest Muslim controversy is just sloppy journalism

.... Alsuleiman had recently posted a video on YouTube which stated that Muslim audiences should have better alternatives to mainstream cartoons. It was a generic statement and there was no mention of Peppa Pig in the footage. The video's original intent was to raise funds for a project called Barakah Hills, a cartoon show with Muslim characters catering primarily to Muslim children.

It was, in fact, the director of One4Kids, the media house that is seeking funds to produce Barakah Hills, who had originally compared Barakah Hills to Peppa Pig. Even so, the comparison was not out of a disdain for pigs.

.... It was essentially a socio-economic motive which was disingenuously portrayed as a religious one to pander to the sentiment that Muslims cannot integrate in Western societies. [International Business Times] Read more