02 December 2016

Most British Muslims have strong attachment to Britain: report

Around 93 percent of British Muslims have a strong attachment to Britain but the majority of them believe in "worrying" conspiracy theories, a centre-right think tank report revealed on Friday.

Ninety percent of Muslims condemned terrorism and only 2 percent expressed sympathy towards political radicalism, a report by the Policy Exchange found.

"Britain's Muslims are amongst the country's most loyal, patriotic and law-abiding citizens," MP Khalid Mahmood -also one of the authors of the report – said.

The study found that British Muslims shared the same concerns and priorities as the country's wider population, as opposed to having their own "Islamic concerns".

"British Muslims are, on a whole range of issues, no different in their views and priorities than their non-Muslim neighbours," Mahmood said.

The report found that British Muslim’s attitudes towards issues such as unemployment, immigration and the NHS were largely in line with the rest of the population. [The New Arab] Read more