08 December 2016

Triple talaq: Indian court calls instant divorce system 'cruel' and 'most demeaning'

A top Indian court has scorned the practice of "triple talaq" in the country calling it "cruel" and "most demeaning". The Allahabad High Court said the instant divorce system prevalent among some Indian Muslims is "unconstitutional".

Observing that the personal law of any community should not violate the rights of individuals, the court said the separation method goes against the values of Islam and the Quran.

"Personal laws of any community cannot claim supremacy over the rights granted to individuals by the constitution," said Justice Suneet Kumar.

Under the divorce process, the Muslim man tells his wife the Arabic word "talaq" three times which means "I divorce you". Though in some practices unwilling couples separate after a waiting period, others part ways immediately depending on their following. [International Business Times] Read more