02 December 2016

Only one in 25 British Muslims believe Al Qaeda carried out 9/11 terror attack and believe 'wild and outlandish conspiracy theories' - but 93 per cent say they love the UK

Only one in 25 British Muslims believe Al Qaeda was responsible for the September 11 attacks on the US, a poll has found.

The research said it was ‘deeply troubling’ that so many were willing to ‘entertain wild and outlandish conspiracy theories’.

A survey of more than 3,000 Muslims found 96 per cent did not believe Osama Bin Laden’s terror group carried out the atrocity. Some 31 per cent thought the American government was behind the strikes on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, which claimed almost 3,000 lives. Another 7 per cent said it was a Jewish plot, while 58 per cent did not know.

The poll, for the Policy Exchange think-tank, found 93 per cent of those quizzed had a strong attachment to the UK, and more than half wanted to fully integrate with non-Muslims in all aspects of life.

Muslims were also more engaged in the political process than the population at large, and significantly more likely to have raised money for charity or volunteered at a local school.

However, it was described as ‘a cause for concern’ that one in four British Muslims did not believe extremist views existed – despite a spate of major terror attacks and the rise of Islamic State. [Daily Mail] Read more