02 March 2017

German school in Wuppertal bans Muslim children from 'provocative' prayer

"In recent weeks it has been increasingly observed that Muslim pupils in the school building are praying, clearly visible to others, signaled by ritual washings in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer mats, and taking up certain postures."

"This is not permitted."

So read an internal message to teachers at Gymnasium Johannes Rau in Wuppertal, western Germany, banning prayer for its Muslim students.

.... Looking forward, Gross said the local education board is now in talks with the school management and will be informed about a further course of action.

"Through discussions with the publicly praying students, the school leadership will now look for ways in which the pupils can practice their religion without others being disturbed or constricted," she told DW.

Legally, however, the headteacher of the school is allowed to implement the ban. The constitutional decree for the functioning of a school and the educational mission (Article 5 of the German Constitution) prevails over Article 4, the right to profess a religious or philosophical creed, GroƟ explained.

"Therefore, for example, Muslim girls must also take part in swimming lessons," she added. [Deutsche Welle] Read more