14 December 2015

Anti-Radicalisation Strategy 'Alienating Pupils'

There are mounting concerns about the implementation of the Government's deradicalisation programme in schools, amid warnings that Muslim children are being singled out and demonised.

The Prevent strategy - which since July has imposed a legal duty on schools across Britain to prevent radicalisation - is being accused of targeting Muslims with inappropriate messages, risking alienation and even pushing vulnerable children further towards extremist material.

One woman has told Sky News how her 14-year-old Muslim son was separated from his class and interrogated alone by two adults, after he made a comment about "eco-terrorists" during a class discussion on the rainforest.

"My son came home and said 'I’ve been asked today if I was affiliated to ISIS',” said Ifhat Smith, of Haggerston, east London. [Sky News] Read more