19 December 2015

Muslim Council of Britain CONNECTED to controversial Muslim Brotherhood, report shows

.... The report also found that over the years the Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella body which comprises more than 500 Islamic organisations, has established close ties with individuals who are also ardent Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Those supporters have become “politically active” in places like Palestine and Iraq, playing a role in the national and local elections of those countries, the report said.

In 2009, the Government cut ties with Muslim Council of Britain, after the organisation signed a public document which appeared to condone violence against any country supporting an arms blockade of Gaza.

The review was conducted by a group of senior civil servants, including Sir John Jenkins, who until recently was the UK’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

At a time when Britain’s Muslim community is under increased pressure to do more to tackle Islamic extremism, the report also found that a number of Brotherhood groups have for years been raising funds in the UK. Some of those funds have allegedly been linked to Hamas, whose military wing was proscribed by Britain as a terrorist organisation in 2001. [Daily Express] Read more