14 December 2015

Why Has Prevent Policy Been Branded 'Toxic'?

There's no question of the need for public authorities to take steps to counter extremism.

Since 2007, when Prevent was first introduced, there has been growing awareness of the problem of radicalisation within communities in the UK, and the need to step in and counter extreme narratives before they manifest in violence.

But there have been persistent problems in both the conception and execution of the strategies used in achieving prevention.

In July, the Counter Terrorism and Security Act imposed a new legal duty on public bodies - including schools and nurseries - to take steps to prevent people being drawn into extremism, schools have been scrambling to train staff to comply with the requirement.

Companies are cashing in on the sudden demand from schools and colleges to train staff on how to comply with the duty, offering online training modules and materials for pupils. Other schools are simply inviting Prevent officers in and asking them to address staff on how to detect and act on the warning signs. [Sky News] Read more