09 December 2015

Saudi Hatred in Luton

The Luton Islamic Centre has one mission in this world: the promotion of vicious Saudi hatred.

This January it will hold a three day event which provides a case in point.

.... This post covers Saudi preacher Salih al-Suhaymee, one of the scheduled speakers. He is telling indeed.

Let’s start with something which may appear trivial but has its own revealing significance.

Valentine’s Day is loathed by many extremists. Let them froth, sure, but mind just how Suhaymee does it. Celebrating the day is ”blind following of the Jews and Christians”, “imitating the kuffar”, and “following the West”, which is “prohibited” for Muslims.

You see, even little and harmless issues are enlisted for the cause – firm rejection of the West, rigid social separatism, constant painting of Jews and Christians in general as markers for the impermissible and the unacceptable. [Harry’s Place] Read more