17 December 2015

Muslim Brotherhood are possible extremists, David Cameron says

.... An 11-page summary makes it clear the government accepts that the “Muslim Brotherhood has not been linked to terrorist-related activity in and against the UK” and has “often condemned terrorist-related activity in the UK associated with al-Qaida”.

However, the report raises concerns over the “sometimes secretive, if not clandestine” way the Brotherhood operated in the recent past and noted it sought to shape – by stealth – Muslim thinking through three UK mainstream organisations: the Muslim Association of Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Society of Britain, which has now disowned its roots.

The Jenkins report says that “for some years the Muslim Brotherhood shaped the [then] new Islamic Society of Britain, dominated the Muslim Association of Britain and played an important role in establishing and then running the Muslim Council of Britain.”

.... “Though their domestic influence has declined, organisations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood continue to have an influence here which is disproportionate to their size.”

The report also concludes that while engagement with the government has at times been facilitated by what appeared to be a common agenda against al-Qaida and militant Salafism: “But this engagement did not take account of Muslim Brotherhood support for a proscribed terrorist group and its views about terrorism which, in reality, were quite different from our own.” [The Guardian] Read more