17 December 2015

Society of mosques to boycott 'racist' anti-terror Prevent programme

A society of mosques that represents up to 70,000 Muslims has vowed to boycott the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent programme after accusing the policy of being a racist attack on the Islamic community.

The Waltham Forest Council of Mosques made the move in the wake of increasing tensions between the area’s council and the Muslim community.

It is the first time a council of mosques has issued such a boycott and it will be seen as a blow to the government’s attempt to involve religious communities in the fight against radicalisation.

The WFCOM statement was triggered by a motion at a meeting of Waltham Forest council on Thursday endorsing the need for the controversial Prevent programme and an associated programme known as Brit, launched to identify signs of radicalisation in primary school children. [The Guardian] Read more