28 December 2015

Apostates can be killed for food or organ transplants, IS says

.... in the Hanbali school of jurisprudence (from which many Wahhabi/Salafi ideas are derived), the bodies of Muslims are sacred and may never be eaten but the other side of that is that eating the bodies of "belligerents and apostates" is permitted after killing them because they are regarded as "beasts of prey" and are therefore not sacred.

This view is cited in a lengthy fatwa about transplants and the body parts of murderers posted on a Saudi website in 2012, and it is also the view adopted by IS in Fatwa 68.

The most worrying aspect of Fatwa 68 is that its conclusions will not seem illogical to anyone who accepts the underlying premise that apostates have no rights and deserve to be killed. IS supporters are by no means the only ones to view apostasy in that way; many ordinary Muslims do so too, as well the governments of several Muslim countries.

Without a concerted effort to promote freedom of thought and belief we can expect to see more abhorrent rulings along the lines of Fatwa 68. [al-bab.com] Read more