08 December 2015

'Trojan Horse' school 'renamed Easter eggs so they did not sound Christian'

Teachers at a school linked to the Trojan Horse affair renamed Easter eggs to remove any links to Christianity, a former employee claims.

Hilary Owens, a former teaching assistant at Adderley Primary School in Birmingham, told an employment tribunal they were rebranded "chocolate eggs".

Another former staff member said Muslim pupils were put on lists to stop them going on Easter basket-making classes.

Ms Owens is claiming unfair dismissal alongside three other ex-staff members.

Adderley Primary School was one of the schools mentioned in the so-called Trojan Horse letter, a four-page document that alleged there was a plot by Islamic hardliners to take over schools.

It came to public attention while Ms Owens and her colleagues' tribunal was taking place. [BBC] Read more