19 January 2016

City fires new salvo in Denmark's ‘meatball war’

The Randers City Council voted 16-15 on Monday night to require the city’s public institutions to serve pork products.

The vote was part of a long-running debate in Denmark, with one side arguing that Danish values are under attack from multiculturalism and the other side maintaining that the whole situation is a nonexistent issue that has made an problem where there wasn’t one.

The so-called ‘meatball war’ (frikadellekrigen) arguably hit its apex in 2013, when the summer’s slow news cycle was dominated by a debate on whether or not public institutions should bar pork in deference to Muslim children.

While there are no official numbers on how many public institutions that ban pork, in 2013 it was estimated to be about 30 out of 1,719. [The Local] Read more