15 January 2016

Muslims in UK living 'as if still in countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan'

YEARS of “do-what-you-want” multiculturalism was blamed for the rise of Islamic Sharia courts and the Rotherham sex abuse scandal yesterday.

Dr Rumy Hasan launched a scathing attack in Parliament on the right-on policies of successive governments.

He claimed the “do-what-you-want” and “laissez-faire” nature had let communities live as if they were still in countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The University of Sussex lecturer argued that gangs of mostly Pakistani Muslim-background men raping young girls in UK towns was an “inevitable consequence”.

Dr Hasan said: “The authorities in towns and cities — Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Oldham, Birmingham — kept quiet because they were embarrassed.”

He was speaking at a discussion on the rise of Sharia law held by the Henry Jackson Society think tank.

He added: “It’s time we woke up and smelled the coffee.” [The Sun] Read more