20 January 2016

Jamiatul Ummah School In East London Fails Ofsted Inspection Over Books 'Promoting Stoning People To Death'

A Muslim school in east London has failed an Ofsted inspection after investigators found books in its library that promote "inequality of women and punishments, including stoning to death".

Inspectors found "inappropriate texts" in the Jamiatul Ummah School's library during a "very brief" tour, uncovering three books that "undermine the active promotion of the rule of British law and respect for other people".

The books, an Ofsted report released this month, said: "Promote inequality of women and punishments, including stoning to death, which are illegal in Britain and which do not reflect the school's ethos and integration."

The unannounced investigation at the Tower Hamlets school, which teaches 158 boys aged 11 to 16, was carried out on 25 November, and is the third inspection it has failed since October 2014.

The watchdog was at the all-boys private secondary school - which has annual fees of £3,400 - to assess what progress it had made in implementing an action plan to correct problems it had earlier identified. This was the second assessment. [The Huffington Post UK] Read more