10 January 2016

Muslim cleric who ‘said it's OK for husbands to hit wives’ allowed to tour UK universities

Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman has spoken at five events in the past year, in which he reportedly advocates domestic violence and outlines the “Islamic case” for sex slavery and polygamy.

At a University of Sheffield event he told more than 100 students to share his controversial videos on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail.

He also appears to have a celebrity-like following, with groups of women discussing how much they “loved” the cleric before the Sheffield event.

One young woman even travelled all the way from London just to see him in the flesh.

Mr Soliman has denied he supports domestic violence, but in one of his 30-part video series he allegedly says: ”After passing through two stages of non-physical interaction, the next stage must involve something physical, in order to escalate the intensity of the warning.

“The true implication of the spanking is to sound an alarm that the husband has passed to a new stage of serious displeasure.”

Meanwhile, the organisation CAGE - which called sick ISIS murderer Jihadi Jon a “beautiful young man”- has spoken at 13 events at universities since September.

It has even allegedly called on students to sabotage government counter-terrorism strategy Prevent. [Daily Express] Read more