19 January 2016

Gender segregation: The truth about Muslim women 'forced' to sit away from men

This week David Cameron has backed a ban on Muslim women wearing veils, decreed that Muslim women need to learn English, and latterly, come up with plans to outlaw gender segregation.

The Telegraph understands that as part of plans to stop British Muslims from being radicalised, Tory ministers will ban women from sitting separately from men during meetings in public buildings.

It comes after concerns that certain Muslim organisations are enforcing gender segregation. There have been high profile cases of this, such as last year when Asian men and women were found sitting separately at a rally attended by senior Labour politicians. It is also known to be an ongoing issue at various universities throughout the UK.

.... But gender segregation is not something that only occurs at ‘radical’ events. Batool Al-Toma, director of the New Muslims Project, says: “It’s common in Muslim gatherings. I’ve seen it mainly happen at spiritually led talks, never anything radical – I wouldn’t go to anything radical.” [The Telegraph] Read more