27 January 2016

Oxford Muslim leader Dr Hojjat Ramzy criticises Sir Michael Wilshaw's statement on veils in the classroom

A Muslim leader in Oxford has accused the chief inspector of schools of "bullying" after he ordered Ofsted inspectors to mark down schools if the veil was acting as a barrier to learning.

Dr Hojjat Ramzy said the policy could lead to some Muslim students deciding to stay at home instead of attending class.

Sir Michael Wilshaw's warning that schools which allow pupils or teachers to wear the veil risk being failed by Ofsted came after Prime Minister David Cameron said last week that public organisations such as courts should be free to restrict the wearing of veils.

Dr Ramzy said Sir Michael's warning amounted to bullying.

The director of the Oxford Islamic Information Centre, and former chairman of the Education Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "As an Imam and educationalist, personally I do not encourage Muslim women to wear the face cover, however I do not discourage them either. [Oxford Mail] Read more