17 January 2016

It is ‘practically impossible’ for Muslims to integrate

Czech President Miloš Zeman said that it was “practically impossible” for Muslims to integrate into Europe, and went on to blame the New Year’s Eve attacks against women in Cologne and other German cities on “Muslim culture.”

Zeman quoted two passages of the Quran, the first says a man can beat a woman, and the second said a woman’s testimony only counts half as much as a man’s in court.

“That is Islam. It follows that those refugees mainly from the Islamic religion treated German women like they were accustomed to in their home countries,” he said in an interview from the presidential chateau in Lány that was broadcast over the Internet by tabloid Blesk.

Zeman called for not only destroying the Islamic State, but for killing its leaders. “They are the ones who dictate these huge terrorist actions,” he said. [Prague Post] Read more